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Exhibition <Love> is literally a love festival.


Ź ȭ ´. ظ. ƴ϶, ִ ״ ޾Ƶ̴ ̴. 50 Ĺ ׿ ҳ Ⱑ ָ ״ ڸ ִ.


Young Jun Tak laughs a lot. He is childlike. He has a smile, which is not a wasteful, but a positive one accepting life as it is. Though he is in his late 50s, his mischievous childlike smile overlaps with the wrinkles over his eyes.


״ . õ ټҰ ִ . 鼭 ׸ . 29 ̺ Ÿ Ǿ 30 ָ ó ư鼭 ϱ Ǿϴ.  ִ. ̴ ڱ ̳ ⺸ٴ, Ÿ õ̿ ֹٶμ  ư ž Ŷ ϴ °ڴ.


He talks a lot. When we gather, he never stays calm with his eyes looking down. I wonder why he has so many things to say though he is sick. I do wonder how he has been able to be so positive in spite of his severe disability of paralysis, which for him might feel like a diving suit. It has been almost thirty years since the diving accident when he was 29 years old. This positive mind, words and, laughter are intertwined with his life. I would rather say that those are not from self developing efforts or will, but his inborn personality and the fruit of religious faith for God with which he lives in light.




״ ׸ , ̵ ׸, Ȱϴ. Ӿ â ھƳٰ Ѵ. ׸ ð ִٰ Ѵ. ׷ ǰ . 18ȸ, ڼ 2ȸ, ׷ 250ȸ, ׸ å ϰ å ȭ ߴ. Ȱ Ƹ ƴ. ִ Ѵ.


He draws hard and a lot. He is active. He says that his own creativity springs ceaselessly and he does enjoy painting. That's why, I guess, he creates works without pause. He had 18 solo exhibitions, 2 charity solo exhibitions, and more than 250 group exhibitions. He wrote a book named 'Happiness' and also drew illustrations for many books. He has participated in so various fields that we feel ourselves so small in front of him.


ǰ Ƴ ڴ. Ƶ鵵 ϰ ְ Ǵ. ģ鵵 . Ƹٿ ̸ , ׸ Ƹ !


His wife is a beautiful singer. His son is a well-grown cool guy. He has a plentiful of good friends. Among these beauties which he can see and feel with his eyes everyday, definitely, his works must be full of beauty and love!


̷ ׸ ӿ ִ. ϴ. ׸ ȭ 踦 ѳ, ׸ ̸ ϰ ٴѴ. Ƽ , ҳ . ʱ ϱ? Ư ü ¦ ٵ ٳ༭ ϱ?


This way of his living pervades his paintings. Colors are vivid and splendid. His paintings travel between the fairy world and the real world, and again, between music and art. They seem to stay still in a boy's dream. Is it because he is caught in an electric wheel chair without stepping the earth throughout his life?


׷ ״ ̴. ൿ Ϸ ޾ƾ , ᱹ ϻ س. ڱ ϳ ߽ ô뿡, κб Ŷ .

ģμ ⿡, Ź ظ ҳ̸鼭, ó ۸̴.


Even so, he is in charge of his family. Although other people's help is inevitable for him to manage his routine, he himself completely contributes to the finance of his family in this economic crisis age.


As a same year old friend of his, I think Young Jun Tak is an innocent boy and, as his nickname, 'Superman'.



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ִ ŷ , Ӵ , ׸ ڽ û ̾߱ ׸ ѵ Ҵ.

̷ν 츮, ȥ Ǫ ⳻ ΰ, ׸ վ ġ ɷ ġϴ .


This exhibition <Love> is literally a love festival. He put God's great love, his mother's love, the love stories of his youth together in this exhibition. Through this, we are enchanted by the freshness and scent of the Eden, the home of our soul. Then, we will feel as if our troubled souls are healed by the phytoncide from his paintings.


- ȿ (, ) pastor, poet


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Ͽ ó ϰ پ ϰ 罺 ° о л ̾ϴ. θǽ Ҹ ν ܿ, ư ִٴ å Ͽ ߰ Ǿϴ. Ҽ Ͽ ϳ ߾ Ӹ ׷ϴ.


It was when I was a middle school student that I first thought about love seriously and from various perspectives. I read the book <What Men Live by> by Leo Tolstoy. Through this book, I came to realize that there is not only romantic or erotic love but also noble and pure love, 'Agape'. The memory of that time when God's love resided to my mind, remains like a film in my mind .


û ̼ ߱ ߽ϴ. ؼ ٲ ְڴٴ ູ ϴ.


During my youth, I opened my eyes for love. I dreamed I could die for my love.


ູ ٰ Ȯմϴ. ູ ϳ ū Դϴ.


I am sure that love and happiness are inseparable. Because they are bound in one, they can produce greater power and output.


ó SNS ͳ Ͽ ̾߱ ޵ǰ ij ô뿡 , а ƾ Դϴ.


Today, we are living in the world where countless stories and video clips about love are delivered through SNS and the internet. However, these stories finally become meaningful only when they touch our mind.


϶ ó̶ ׸ ־ϴ. غ ̳ Գ 켱̶ ϴ.


Long time ago, I participated in publishing a book named 'Love as if Today is the Last Day'. I consider that a person should open his or her mind first if they want to love other people.

޴ ͺ ִ ູϴ ϴ. ε Բ ޴ ͺ ְ Ե ݽϴ.


'To love is happier than to be loved.' This saying, again, touches my mind. When I am with my acquaintances, I realize that love comes from the wish to love rather than from the wish to be loved.

ȥĿ ַʻ ˴ϴ. ȥȰ ̿ 濡 ް ٰ մϴ. ް ͺ ְ , 븦 ؼ Ǯ ϰ ϴ ռ , ΰ迡 ູ ģٴ ϴ.


I remember the words I listened in a wedding ceremony. The struggle and hatred between man and wife begin when the mind which wants to be loved wins over the mind to love. When the mind to give and love wins, happiness and love will overflow among people.

ǵƺ ִԲ, ׸ θ԰, , ̿, ģ鿡 ʹ Ůϴ. ϸ, ູ ׸ ׷Ƚϴ. ׸ ؼ Ҿ Բ ູ ڽϴ.


Looking back, I know I received enormous love from my God, parents, family, neighbors, and friends. Cherishing that love in my heart, I have drawn in happiness. I do wish to share this happiness with all of you through my 'love' serial pictures.

- Ź